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Improv Patrol


As an African American business owner I wanted to create a place for people of all races, creed, sex and heritage to feel safe, loved and welcomed to express their insecurities all the way to their bold revolutions in life. We celebrate each other's life stories through the gift of improvisational theater. Yes the best story that can be told is your true feelings and life experiences. It is my mission in life to always help each and every person to become the best person they can be, teach to them to learn to love themselves so they are capable of loving others and to build their confidence and conquer their dreams.


I believe the communities are the foundation of a better world and I support my community be creating a safe haven that we all can come together under one roof and lend our emotions, feelings,  actions, thoughts and intentions  to lift each other up through the gift of acting, theater and song! Thus Improv Patrol was born, come and join us and we will introduce you to the person you have always wanted to be.

Our Team

We only pick the best of the best to join our team as we take pride in materializing the best performances for our audiences. We consider it a privilege and honor to serve our community and to be trusted with the gift of our audiences stories. Our work ethics and devotion to our craft stand in triumph that we support everyone who wants to know themselves better and create more confidence to face the world in a bold and beautiful way.

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